About Us

This website has been founded on the initiative of the Helgi Pjeturss Institute, which was established in 1990. Its charter, issued by the Ministry of Justice and Ecclesiastical Affairs on 16 October 1990, reads:

“The objective of the Institute is scientific research in the field of philosophy, which is entailed in the following:
a) The conservation of the writings of Dr. Helgi Pjeturss and objects relating to him and his memory, especially the documentation used by him in developing his theories of life in the universe. Also collection of writings about his theories. The intention will be to establish a computerised databank on his theories and the development of understanding of life.
b) To create working facilities and conditions for those who wish to familiarise themselves with the works of Dr. Helgi Pjeturss, and to work in his spirit towards the understanding of life, and to support specific projects which serve this purpose.”

The foundation of the Helgi Pjeturss Institute was made possible by a legacy from Kristín G. J. Sigurðardóttir, who was born 13 February 1914 and died 4 November 1990.
The website comprises a number of areas, but the main focus is on a selection of essays from Helgi Pjeturss’ extensive Nýall writings, which have been chosen to represent as clearly as possible the content of his writings and theories.
The website also includes a brief account of his life and scientific achievements, details of where to buy books by Helgi Pjeturss and others, and how to contact the Helgi Pjeturss Institute website.
Sections to be added in due course are Geology; Advances in Science; Selected Writings; and Frequently Asked Questions.

In the essays published here, the following sections have been omitted:

The Great Connection: Chapters I and II omitted
Bioradiation and Bioinduction: Last paragraph of Chapter XIII, and Chapter XV are omitted
Astrobiology: the first part of Chapter I, and chapters XXI –XXVIII are omitted
The Survival of Mankind: Chapters IX-XVII omitted

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